Underground Motel White Cliffs

The White Cliffs Underground Motel is a huge underground complex with 40 underground rooms and two above-ground rooms. It has been open as a Motel for over 20 years welcoming guests from all over the world for an experience that is absolutely unique, bringing together the vast outback, underground living and Opal mining.

The motel boasts a tranquillity that ensures a relaxed and peaceful stay. Once you venture underground, the distractions of modern life are left behind. There is no radio or mobile phone coverage, no fridge, television or bathroom noise.

Generally facilities and amenities are located along the edge of the complex, supporting both the peace of underground living and the stability of the soil structure. The rooms are known as ‘dugouts’ where you sleep nestled in the hill, in a cosy constant temperature, insulated from the harsh and noisy environment of the external world. Rooms can accommodate from one person to five people, with adjoining rooms for large groups or families. The complex contains a licensed restaurant, cafe and bar, which was all renovated and altered in 2012.
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