John Dynon Gallery - Silverton

The dramatic colours and surprising subjects of John Dynon’s work have made him one of Australia’s top-selling artists. At the John Dynon Gallery in Silverton, which doubles as the painter’s studio, you’re likely to meet the man himself, an iconic larrikin who just happens to produce wonderfully evocative images of the outback.

Born in Broken Hill, Dynon left school in 1968, aged 14, and worked in sheep stations and as a miner before painting full-time from the age of 31.

He has long captured the flowers, landscapes, animals and secluded drama of this part of the world, all from a peaceful corner of his colourful tin shed – which is festooned with painted bicycles and packed with prints and original works, as well as souvenirs and sculptures.

You might also find one or two paint-splattered cars about the place, and keep an eye out for a life-sized model of that most famous of Australian folk heroes, Ned Kelly.
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