Gorge Loop Road Drive

As one of the largest national parks in NSW, Sturt National Park can seem so vast as to be almost impenetrable. But a terrific way to tackle its size is by driving Gorge Loop Road, a 100 kilometre round-trip that offers numerous places to stop and soak up the atmosphere. Plan on two to three hours driving time, and a few more for breaks and bushwalking opportunities. Be sure to pack a pair of binoculars for birdwatching.

Sturt National Park has an incredibly rich pastoral heritage, and this is where Gorge Loop Road really shines. Visit the Outdoor Pastoral Museum, at the turn-off from Wanaaring Road. Not much further along is Mount Wood Homestead complex, which dates back to 1886, and Horton Park ruins.

If nature is more your thing, keep an eye out for emus and kangaroos racing across the gibber plains. As the drive twists into small rocky gorges, you might even spot euro kangaroos sheltering beneath rocky overhangs.

Enjoy the tranquil solitude, fossicking in dry creek beds or following the Mount Wood Summit walking track.

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