Darling River campground

If you like to wake up to water views, then pitch your tent at Darling River campground. The picturesque Darling River, on the eastern edge of Kinchega National Park, is famous for birdwatching, wildlife and stunning wildflower displays.

As you set up camp, take a moment to soak in the tranquil vibe of this idyllic riverside campground but don’t be fooled; it’s bursting with life. Flocks of pink and black cockatoos nest in tree hollows whilst egrets and black kites patrol the waters. Not to be outdone, cheeky little finches hop through the scrub.

After a day exploring, cool off with a swim in the river before preparing a barbecue feast. On a warm night you might hear the mocking call of a perons tree frog, which sounds like laughter or a creaky door. Tumble into your sleeping bag to be soothed to sleep by the sound of the river flowing past.
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