Caryapundy lookout campground

When it floods, areas of this massive national park transform from semi-arid plains into huge lakes and swamps that are havens for rare waterbirds. At Caryapundy lookout campground, located on a small escarpment above Caryapundy Swamp, you'll have the park's best view of this spectacle. Even when the swamp is dry, you'll still enjoy an impressive outlook over sweeping plains stretching as far as the eye can see.

Once you've set up camp, start photographing the views from Caryapundy lookout. Or take a short walk down to the swamp's edge to study its unique ecosystem up close. Birdwatchers, see if you can spot a brown falcon soaring above, or a stubble quail hiding in a bluebush.

Explore the park on the Caryapundy lookout loop drive, and when night falls have fun spotlighting around the campground with your torch. You might see a spotted nightjar flying across the escarpment. Or simply relax and enjoy some stargazing.

Autumn and spring are the best times of year to visit, when temperatures are cooler, because there's no shade to set your tent or caravan under at this campground.
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